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Foreign nationals cannot apply for OCI in India while on Tourist Visa, Missionary Visa and Mountaineering Visa. Moreover, the foreigner has to be ordinarily resident of India to be eligible to apply for OCI registration in India. Note: 'ordinarily resident' will mean a person staying in a particular country or in India for a continuous period of 6 months. Application for registration as OCI. La carte OCI est un visa à vie avec entrées multiples permettant au détenteur de cette carte de se rendre en Inde avec un nombre de voyages et une durée illimité. Lors d'un changement de passeport, vous devrez faire la demander d'une nouvelle carte OCI correspondant au nouveau passeport. Éligibilité pour la carte OCI . Informations et mises à jour importantes. Merci de noter que.

CKGS USA provides Indian visa application services. Find out more information about Cox & Kings Global Services with application service centers located in Washington, New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco & Atlanta Since the applicant is minor, it is mandatory for the both parents of minor applicant to sign page 3 of the OCI application form filled on Government website. Agree If you are of Indian heritage or held as Indian Nationality, then you are eligible to apply under OCI Adult and not through your spouse Fees for issue of new OCI Visa and OCI booklet is £73/-(Including Consular surcharge and excluding all other operational charges) Please Click Here for the application form for Miscellaneous Services. C. Issue of new OCI Visa and OCI booklet due to change of personal particulars (change of name, address, wrong date of birth in OCI booklet etc.) Sample OCI Application Form with Instructions Tips. If your US/Foreign passport says your place of birth is India, enter only India in this form. Do not add the city/state names. For US Passport, the place of issue is always USDOS. The uploaded photograph and physical photogram affixed on the form(s) must be identical

Are you applying OCI on the basis of Indian spouse/spouse's OCI card? Select 'Yes', if you have foreign origin and applying on basis of spouse's Indian Origin. In case, foreign spouse application is filled by the Indian origin applicant, application would be rejected and the applicant has to fill a new application form Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) commonly known as 'dual citizenship' to the Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) who migrated from India and acquired citizenship of a foreign country other than Pakistan and Bangladesh. Once all documents are received and verified, the applicant will receive an automated email message that the application is under process Additional sheets can be used in case the space provided in the OCI application form is insufficient. Both Part A and Part B are required to be submitted along with all documents mentioned in the Check-list. When the application is submitted complete with all required documents a web reference number will be issued for future reference and online tracking. Kindly note that this reference.


In case of fresh application for registration as OCI Cardholder, following documents are to be attached:-Proof of present citizenship - Copy of present valid passport (applicable in all cases), with validity of minimum 6 months at the time of submission of application. In case application is submitted in India, copy of any type of Visa (other than Missionary Visa and Mountaineering Visa. The thoroughly filled out application form and fee challan or receipt can be submitted at Foreigners Regional Registration Offices or Indian Missions abroad. An OCI card usually takes about a month to be processed and sent to the individual who applied for it and they will receive an acknowledgement from the Burea 8. This form when completed should be submitted in original along with photograph, signature and requisite documents to India Visa. 9. Please check that all fields in the form are filled in and all necessary enclosures are attached before submission of the form. 10. Total charges for OCI Application is £399.00 11 Applicants must complete the online Application form as per the applicable Jurisdiction . Applicants who wish to submit their applications at any of the 3 offices in London (Goswell Road, Hounslow and London - Paddington), Bristol, Cardiff and Belfast must select UK- London as Jurisdiction, while filling the application form Online for Visa, OCI and Indian Passport Services

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Applicants may fill the online application form by going to the tab placed below. Once the form is filled and submitted, applicant must print the completed application form and sign and submit the physical copy along with the supporting documents and the Passport to the concerned Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or directly at the Indian Mission on the scheduled appointed date You need to complete Part A and Part B registration to fill up OCI Application Form Online. After filling up the online OCI application and payment of service charges,You need to book appointment. Please note that online booking appointment can be very if already filled for that day. We will acknowledge you accordingly. The time taken for issue of OCI Card is minimum 6-8 weeks, delay beyond. DOCUMENTS UPLOAD ON OCI APPLICATION FORM. OCI Document Uploading Guide. Uploading of the supporting documents for an application is a mandatory part of the application process. Failure to upload all the necessary documents can lead to delays in your application and/or your application not being accepted. We have prepared this guide to help applicants understand the documents that should be.

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  1. For OCI application in the USA, you must send one set of all application forms and required documents, except two copies of the document. checklist. All photocopies must be self-attested with a statement that This is a true copy of the original and your signature. Please do not staple your documents. Do not use paper clips either. Submit.
  2. We receive several queries from our clients asking us how to apply for OCI card and can I apply for OCI card in India. To put it simply, you can definitely get your OCI card processed in India. In 2015, at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the Prime Minister announced the merger of the PIO card scheme and the OCI card scheme.Under the new scheme, the PIO card is set to be discontinued, where PIO.
  3. We are currently accepting applications for Issue of Fresh or Renewal of Indian passport, OCI, Surrender of Indian Passport & PCC only. Applications will be accepted with prior appointments, walk in service has been discontinued. Applicants need to ensure that the appointment is made for correct service, appointments made for incorrect service will not be honoured. For the health and safety of.
  4. Persons of Indian Origin Card (PIO Card) was a form of identification issued to a Person of Indian Origin who held a passport in a country other than Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.Accordingly, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2003, made provision for acquisition of Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) by the Person of Indian Origin (PIOs) of 16.

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Application should be filled on line at Foreigners Division - Ministry of Home Affairs - Government of India. First step: click HERE Second step: click on Online Registration (You have to choose 'ITALY - ROME' among the options for place of submission of application) Third step: Take two printouts of the filled application with itar number starting from (IT) e.g ITAR00000511 do hereby authorize the issuance of OCI for the said minor Parental authorization form needs to be notarized Date Place (Mother's Signature) (Father's Signature) Title: Indian Visa | India Visa Application | Visa for India from USA - CKGS USA Created Date: 9/6/2019 2:40:19 AM. Our dedicated OCI visa application submission services cater for US citizens who wish to apply for Indian OCI Card. OCI cards are life time visa for India but its one of the most complex application process to get one of these. Our team will your online oci visa application, upload correct sized photos, signature and book your appointment with nears OCI processing center A person registered as an OCI is eligible to apply for grant of Indian Citizenship under Section 5 (1) (g) of the Citizenship Act, 1955, if he/she has been registered as an OCI for five years and has been residing in India for one year, out of the five years before making the application. 4

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Visa Application Forms: Visa Application Forms: Visa Forms (Link to BLS International Site) Emergency Certificates: Emergency Certificates: Emergency Certificate (Doc) Death Cases: MoH death certificate: Death_Form_Annexure-I (Pdf) MoH death certificate: Death_Form_Annexure-II (Pdf) Marriages: Requirements for registration of Marriage: Marriage. Application Forms. Satellite phones are not allowed to be carried in India. Online Visa Application Form. Passport Application Form I. APPLICATION FORM FOR REGISTRATION OF INDIAN NATIONALS I. RENUNCIATION OF CITIZENSHIP. Birth Registration. Sample Immigration forms of India. Thai visa on arrival application form There is no application form needed. The only official record of being an NRI comes on your yearly tax filing. This status can change from year to year. If you wish to open an NRI bank account, you simply need to inform your bank of your plans. OCI. An Overseas Citizen of India is a lifetime visa status. It is the closest thing to dual citizenship that India offers. Who can be an OCI? (This. Instead of a two-step application process (Part A and Part B) for the OCI card, applicants are now required to complete only Part A. Starting September 20; they can fill out and submit the OCI application form at Indian Government's website for OCI Services. Along with the application form, they can upload the requisite documents directly to the same website

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  1. An applicant who has travelled to India on a visa after applying for OCI card should leave India before expiry of the said visa. Part B (declaration) of the OCI application form must be signed by both the parents. One square photograph (to be clipped and not stapled or pasted) of size 2 inch X 2 inch , having front view of person's face and shoulders in the middle of the photograph.
  2. Application forms. Home › Consular Services › Application forms . Consular Services - Downloads: a) Personal Particulars Form: b) Affidavit for NOC: c) Passport Photo Specification: d) Miscellaneous Form: e) Sworn Affidavit: f) Renunciation Form: g) Emergency Certificate Form: h) Affidavit - Change of name: i) Police Clearance Certificate: j) Annexure - H : Consular Services. Apply for.
  3. OCI has been a game-changer since it was introduced in 2005, in response to the demand for dual citizenship. While PIO has always been around, it lacked several features that a foreigner of Indian origin would expect. An OCI card functions like an Indian visa, which provides you many of the benefits of an NRI. In this article, we will discuss.
  4. How to apply for an OCI card in the UK?. Today I'm going to guide you through the step-by-step process of submitting your OCI application in the UK in 2020.. If you cancelled your Indian passport to get the surrender certificate after obtaining British Citizenship, you require a valid Visa for your next visit to India. You could opt to get a Visa (or an eVisa) for India whenever you need to.
  5. ← Back to OCI & PAN CARD APPLICATION HELP 1. Indian Passport Renewal/New - Online (Validity Expired Within 3 Years/Due To Expire/Lost/Damaged) 1. Indian Passport Renewal/New - Online (Validity Expired Within 3 Years/Due To Expire/Lost/Damaged) 100.00. Quantity: Add To Cart. RE-ISSUE OF PASSPORTS: UP TO ONE YEAR AFTER EXPIRY OR UP TO ONE YEAR BEFORE EXPIRY (HAVING VALID VISA)/IF THERE ARE NO.
  6. An OCI is a multipurpose card which grants a life-long visa with multiple entries for visiting India. The Ministry of Home Affairs said in a notification that a foreign-spouse of any Indian-origin.
  7. A large number of Indian citizens whose children are OCI card holders and several people of Indian-origin having the card are unable to travel to India, even for emergency reasons, because of the.

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  1. Home › Consular Services › Application Forms CHANGE IN VISA PROCEDURE FROM 1 ST JULY 2008 Applications for Indian Visa, in person should only be made at the following address (from 23.02.2015
  2. Instead of the earlier two-step process, the applicant now has to submit the OCI application form and upload related documents directly at the Government of India website (https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome). A statement from the Indian embassy in Washington, DC, said there is no longer any restriction of consular jurisdiction for applicants. The applicant is free to apply at the embassy or at.
  3. The applicant has to submit the required documents and application form in person to FRRO office. Once submitted, the process will take two to three months to get the OCI card. Benefits of OCI There are numerous benefits of OCI holder and the below are the list of advantages of having OCI Life-long Visa; Multiple entries to India; Unlimited.
  4. visa forms also think about the corner cases - which we all believe should have been thought of and drafted accordingly. BTW, when you will see the OCI visa, I was impressed since that is so much better than the visa of 80%-90% of the countries out there. I have had more than 20 visa stamps in my earlier -now defunct India

Visa applications cannot be submitted more than 3 months prior to the start of your trip for a long stay visa, and 6 months for a short stay visa. Creating a group application. Once you have created your first application, you can add further applications to it to form a group application. A group can contain no more than 6 people or 6 trips. N.B. Reply to: OCI application Relationship to root of Indian? Your message. Read our community guidelines. Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. Preview. India forums . India forums . All forums . Get answers to your questions about India . Ask a question Recent Conversations. Planning to visit leh from Manali this month, is it open? 22:44; I want to go for trips in groups but I m alone. Visa 3. Application form with Photo(attested) For foreign nationals with Indian dual citizenship (OCI passport issued by Govt of India and living in India) 1. For DSC with Indian address, the identity and address proof requirements shall be same as Indian nationals living in India. 2. For DSC with foreign address, the copy of their native country passport shall be treated as identity and.

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Visa Extension; Powers Delegated To FRROs; FRRO Contact; Online Registration /Visa Extension/LTV/ Conversion and other Misc. Services; FRRO Login; Form C; Form S; FOREIGNER OF INDIAN ORIGIN. PIO; OCI. Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) OCI Miscellaneous Services for registered OCIs; INDIAN VISITING ABROAD. ECNR/ECR; POE offices in India The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that nationals of foreign-origin but married to Indian nationals and non-resident Indians will now be eligible to acquire an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card. So far, these foreign-origin spouses were expected to apply and register their visa periodically with a Foreign Regional Visa Registration Officer while living in India Or do you need an affidavit drafting from India? Get in touch with OCI Visa for all kinds of NRI services in the UK. Email your requirements to us for more details. info@ociassistance.com. 020 3105 8162. Home; OCI; PAN Card ; Contact; Hassle-free NRI services. No win, no fee. Wheelchair-accessible office. Your one-stop centre for NRI services. in the UK. Choose OCI Visa in London for all your.

OCICards.com - India OCI Visa Application Agent, Stanmore. 159 likes. We are UK based OCI Application Agent that charge £100 for UK & European citizens. We charge $125 US dollars for citizens from.. India Tourist Visa; China Tourist Visa; Fees; FAQ; Contact Us; Select Page. Fees . Below Fees client have directly pay to Embassy. Our service charge is £50 to £99 per Application. All the applicants are requested to include the VFS Service fee of £7.44 per application while organising their payments. £175.00 (£173+£2) for each OCI (fresh) application. £18.00 (£16+£2) for changing any. Application - To begin the process of getting your India visa, you need to fill out the application. There are a few important forms and pieces of information that you?ll need to have with you to complete the sign-up process. Some of the forms you?ll need to apply for an India visa are: valid passport, a photo of yourself, a photograph of a personal data page, details about your travel plans. Track My Application; Download Forms; Documents Required; Fees; FAQ; Value Added Services; CKGS Application Centers . Sharq; Fahaheel; Jleeb Al Shuwaikh ; Holiday List. Jan 26, Republic Day; Feb 25, National Day of Kuwait; View All; General Information . Holiday List; Security Regulations; Useful Links; About us; Passport Indian Visa CKGS Application Centers Track My Application. Value Added.

The Form VII for registration as Indian citizen, under section 5(1)(g) by a person who is registered as an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) under Section 7A, is provided. This form is provided by the Foreigners Division of Ministry of Home Affairs Consulate General of India, Toronto, Canada: 365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4, Canada Telephone : +1 416-960-0751, Working Days : Monday to Friday (9:00am to 5:30pm) except public holidays. Submission Time : 9.30 AM - 12.30 PM Collection : 3.00 PM - 4.00 PM or As informed at the time of submission of application Application for registration under section 7A by PIO card holders- Person of Indian Origin Card holder, notified vide Government of India in the Ministry of Home Affairs Notification number F.No. 26011/4/98-IC-I dated 30th March, 1999 and published in the Official Gazette in Part I, section 1 dated the 30th March, 1999 and subsequently amended vide notification No. 26011/4/98-F.I dated. Fill the India visa application form. 2. Review and confirm payment of visa fees. 3. Receive your approved visa for India . How to submit the Indian visa application. If you are an eligible citizen the process of obtaining an Indian visa will be fairly simple and quick - it only takes about 10 minutes to complete it. In order to submit the Indian eVisa application you will need to complete.

OCI application downloaded from the government website. Indian origin proof documents - Parents' birth certificate, baby's birth certificate, first three pages and last two pages of India passport of parents. Baby's birth certificate; Parents' legal status (in our case visa pages from the passport) Filling out an Indian visa application form, like any other piece of paperwork issued by a foreign government, can be confusing even for weathered travelers. Fortunately, with English as the de facto lingua franca in India, there is less of a chance those seeking tourist and business visas will be thrown by language difficulties. All US citizens, even short-term visitors, must apply for an.

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FOR ALL OCI CARD APPLICANTS: Step 1: Fill out Part A (which now requires that you upload your image and signature) and Part B (which now requires you to upload supporting documents) of the Online OCI Application, which is ONLY available online.NOTE: OCIApplication.com is only an informational website and is not associated with any government agency or Indian Mission where you submit your. All foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport with a valid visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post abroad. All Individual visa seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Visa through Online application in order to make an application for getting the Indian visa. The duly signed physical copy of the.


The OCI application has three Parts i.e. Part A, Part B and Part C. Part A has to be filled in for each applicant of the family and Parts B and C are common for all applicants of the family. Part A of the OCI application form is to be submitted on-line by the applicants whereupon a registration number will be generated which may be called Reference Number. Once Part A is submitted on-line, the. This is to bring to the notice of the public that Government of India has introduced additional consular fee of US$ 3.00 for . visa/OCI and US$ 2.00 for passport based. Consular Services application as contribution towards Indian Community Welfare Fund. The charges are effective from May 14, 2010 OCI facilitates visa-free travel to India, rights of residency and participation in business and educational activities in the country. The spouse of an Indian-origin person is also eligible for OCI Printed Application form for OCI in lieu of PIO service: All applicants need to fill the online application form on the website. 2 photographs as per the photo specifications. Current foreign passport. Photocopy of the current foreign passport. Old foreign passport (which has been endorsed on the PIO)

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OCI Application Singapore for ivc services, Would you mind queuing up for getting visa on arrival at airport? Are you traveling in cruise? Looking for a hassle-free Thailand Visa, we at IVC SERVICES take immense care to process your application online, including document upload and photograph,submission to embassy and collection of visa. IVC has successfully processed 20,000+ THAILAND Visa. Visa Clearance Request Form: 4: Additional Form for Visa Applicants of Pakistan Origin: 5: Form to be filled by Journalists for Filming Documentaries in India: 6: List of Professional Equipment Carried by Journalists: 7: Additional Form for Research Visa Applicant Address: No.24, Al-Hidhab Street, (corner of Abu Bakr Al Banani Street), Abdoun, Amman, Jordan. Postal Box 2168, Amman 11181, Jordan. Working hours: 09:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs from Sunday to Thursday Telephone Numbers: (00 962 6) 4622098/463726 ALL VISA/OCI APPLICANTS ARE HEREWITH ADVISED TO FILL UP THE ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS FORM ALONG WITH THE VISA/OCI/PIO APPLICATION FORMS. THIS IS MANDATORY, WITHOUT WHICH NO APPLICATION WILL BE PROCESSED. contact Cox & Kings Global Services San Francisco at: www.in.ckgs.us; CKGS Contact / Feedback: Click Here> Helpline: Tel nos: 1-888-585-5431 ; (516)206-1483 & (646)589-0088; During Holiday/Peak. Visa Supermarket UK Ltd SL No. OCI 1 British Passport ( Original ) 2 Application form 3 2 Indian visa size photos of 50mm x 50mm 4 Declaration Form dully signed by the applicant 5 OCI self undertaking If applying OCI based on spouse's Indian origin then Marriage certificate & passport of spouse is also required. 6 CHECK LIST Tick Box Note if An

Commencing of Air India Cargo flights to Singapore BLR - SIN starting 13th August, MAA - SIN starting 14 th August ( Both services - once a week) | High Commission of India, Singapore does not accept any application form directly. The applications for all kind of Consular services like Passport, OCI, Attestation and Visa etc are to be submitted at IVAC M/S BLS International Services Singapore. Download application form for various types of Indian visas services offered by CKGS Kuwait for US & Non US nationals. India Passport and Visa Application Center Passport and Visa Visa Application Form in French & English (97.2KB) Application for Passport (38.7KB) Sponsorship Declaration (41.0KB) Birth Certificate (158.0KB) Affidavit for Lost or Damaged passport (48.6KB) Information in case of Death of Indian National (54.0KB) Surrender of Indian Passport; PIO Card (1141.7KB) Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI OCI APPLICATION FILL UP FORM APPLICANT'S INFORMATION Surname Given Name Have you ever changed your name? write name Sex Date of birth Country of Birth State (Birth) Place of Birth Current Nationality Naturalization Date Renunciated Passport No. National Identification Numbe

WASHINGTON: In view of the inconvenience faced by the diaspora having OCI card in the US, an eminent Indian-American social activist has urged the Government of India to extend the date of its renewal till December 31. The Overseas Citizen of India ( OCI) card, among other benefits, allows multiple entry, multi-purpose life long visa to an Indian-origin foreign national to visit India Type of Form Pdf Document; 1: On-line application form for fresh OCI. Click here: 2: On-line application form for OCI miscellaneous service. Click here: 3: On-line enquiry for OCI status. Click here: 4: Format of nativity certificate Indian e-Visa / Indian Visa. Indian e-Visa. US Citizen are eligible to apply for Indian e-Visa. US Citizen of Pakistan Origin are not eligible to apply for e-Visa. You are US Citizen of Indian Origin and would like to travel to India and still not renounced your Indian citizenship or not possess OCI Card, you can eligible to apply for an Indian. Given name and last name on you surrender certificate application form should be exactly like it is on your Indian passport and given name and last name on your OCI application should be exactly like it is on you Canadian passport. Don't quote me on this, but I was asked to do so for my applications. S. shimnui1 Hero Member. Jun 28, 2012 523 46 Job Offer..... Pre-Assessed.. Mar 9, 2020 #1,819.

In order to see the current status of your OCI application, an option would be going to the official In addition to that, you may choose to download and print forms and documents, or even make payments. As you can see, the entire process is notably simplified for you. Immihelp. The second option that is well worth of your attention would be Immihelp tracker. In order to use this tracking. Working Hours in the VFS ( 0830-1400 hours) : Application for all other Consular Services including visa applications, applications by Diplomatic/Official passport holders for Tourist visa, passport applications , OCI applications, relationship certificates, residence certificates and passport attestations etc be submitted to the VFS, the authorized Agency of the Embassy of India, Bangkok at.

Book an Appointment for all Passport/Consular/OCI services. Form Filling, Photograph and Other Value-added services. Dear Applicant . All the application form filling, photograph and other value-added services are available at the centre. To avoid the mistakes and to save time kindly opt the optional value-added services from BLS centres An Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status can be applied for by all overseas Indians who migrated after 26th January, 1950, except those who are now settled in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Privileges enjoyed by Overseas Citizens of India Lifelong visa to India for any number of visits, and for any purpose. Exclusion from registration with the FRRO Can I apply for OCI and Visa together? What can I do if I am having trouble accessing the online OCI application form on the Government website?.. 32 How do I upload the pending documents on the Government of India website? OR How do I upload the pending documents on the Government of India website as the site was not working whilst I was uploading documents? OR How do I upload the. Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders from the US, UK, Germany and France, with whom India has signed 'air bubble' arrangements, will be allowed to visit the country, the Home Ministry.

Recently, the Consulate General of India worldwide released a press release circulating a new update for the Overseas Citizen of India card.The OCI card holders - foreign citizens of Indian origin - are required to comply with the new criteria regarding validity of their OCI cards before they book their travel to India The Indian government, as of now, does not recognize dual citizenship in any form. The Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card will, however, give you life-long visa-free travel rights to India. Further, you will not have to register with the FRRO no matter how long you choose to stay in India. While it does not give foreign citizens the right to vote in Indian elections or to hold any government. of India (OCI) Card and for OCI Miscellaneous services The applicants shall submit the application form online (https://ociservices.gov.in) and upload all the requisite documents, photograph and signature (in the case of minors who cannot sign, left hand thumb impression) along with the application. The applicant then submit duly signed application form including all the supporting documents.

OCI/PIO . Application procedure; FAQ_OCI ; FAQ_OCI_Misc_Service; Visa Information; e-Visa; Diaspora Corner; List of Indian Community Associations in Hong Kong; Application Forms; Educational Services. Advisory for Indian Students; Frequently Asked Questions For Indian Student; Scholarship offered by Universities in Hong Kon Passport form; Important information for Foreign Tourists; OCI; Visa Services. Information; Apply for visa/Jurisdiction; Visa Types; Visa Fees; Tourist Visa On Arrival ; IMPORTANT NOTICE TO VISA APPLICANTS; Visa under school level Students Exchange Programme; Important Notice for Postal Visa applications; e-Tourist visa. Passport Services. Jurisdiction- Passport; General Information; Fee. Applicants do not have to put anything in the field of citizenship or national ID number on the India application form. Please enter NA. Do NOT enter your social security number or your driver's license number. About Us Peninsula Visa is a private passport and visa expeditor located in the United States. Founded in 1975, we've been serving the travel community for over 40 years. Apply for your.

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Reprint Registered Form Before you register your application on-line, please refer to the information on the website of respective Mission carefully, particularly regarding fee structure and other information Indian visa services have been discontinued until further notice. Foreign nationals required to visit India for compelling reasons may contact the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate. Indian Embassy/Consulates, CKGS Visa Application Centers and Contact Center will remain closed on Friday, October 02, 2020 on account of Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday The OCI card gives the cardholder lifelong visa to India. The ministry has been informed that immigration authorities and airlines in some countries are not allowing OCI cardholders to travel to. VFS Global manages two visa application centres for India Visas in Switzerland where you can submit your completed visa application form and supporting documents. Please see the visa application centre page on this website for the visa application centre's address oci applicants are requested to surrender their indian passports to the passport section as per instructions contained on our website (click here for link) and submit copy of surrender certificate along with their oci applications. those applicants who have ever held indian passports and are unable to produce the same for surrender for any reason ( loss / misplacement / submitted to home. All visas for foreign nationals and the OCI card visa free travel for Indian-origin people, who are not in the country, remain suspended till the restrictions on international travel to and from.

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